"We avoid any conflicts of interests that may arise from the traditional service model where the client is limited to the services offered by their bank by offering them suitable investments products from a broad network of preferred providers allowing the client the flexibility to choose according to his needs."



We differentiate our services and provide competitive advantage from many other providers because of both the application of our core values and the following additional factors:


  • Commitment to our independent Client Management Approach (CMA)

Our CMA is governed by the following guidelines:

  • Emphasis on Client Service - Personal attention is fundamental to building our business relationships with our clients. We always aim to build long-term relationships with our clients by delivering exceptional client service.


  • Transparent and Proactive Communication - Regular communication is a priority so that we may continually assess our clients' needs, monitor performance and adapt our strategies accordingly.


  • Access to Senior Management - Our professional team is always available to meet and discuss issues with existing and prospective clients.


  • Independence and Objectivity - Any client of a private bank must have experienced at some point of the relationship the limitation of being offered only the products of their bank. Our independence from such banks allows us to freely select products most suitable to our clients investment needs.


  • Agile/Flexible and Dynamic structure

Our flat structure and boutique size allows us to be flexible and dynamic to take decisive action to better serve our client base.


  • Diverse Experience

Our team has a diverse experience and expertise in the financial services industry implementing a variety of complex structures and innovative investment ideas and has offered investment advisory and portfolio management services to leading global institutional investors and pension funds.


The broad, global reach of our team to asset managers and clients sets us apart from our peers by enabling us to have a better view of the markets while being aware of the cultural differences in investing and communication.