Human Capital


We take every step to fully utilize our biggest asset, human resources.


It is our skill, creativity and commitment that allow us to tailor solutions that our clients need and foster the relationships with our clients for the future. Our professionals are ambitious, creative with entrepreneurial skills and working as a team with our clients we all benefit from our accumulated knowledge and experience. Importantly, our focused business model and set up allows us to dedicate the necessary senior-level attention to clients.


The company setup and environment utilizes the skills and commitment of the professional team encourage excellence, collegiality, diversity and dedication to the firm and its clients.



Independence and Objectivity:


SPAFS is an independent firm fully owned by its people. In contrast to many of our peers, we are not part of a larger financial institution that serves many competing interests. We source deals and products and manage portfolios based on our client’s needs and not on firm-mandated strategies. We collaborate and cooperate with the best institutions globally and offer the best advice and service unconstrained by conflicting interests.



Trust allows us to understand, develop and enhance a highly personalized strategy that is tailored to meet client needs and to establish long term relationships. All our clients have been with us for many years and trusting us with their hard earned wealth is a testament to our relationships.

All good partnerships are built on trust. We earn that trust by:


  • making our clients’ interests our utmost priority
  • respecting client’s time
  • encouraging an open dialogue
  • educating clients
  • being honest and transparent
  • asking for feedback
  • going the extra mile
  • and always being ourselves

Integrity and Accountability:


Holding ourselves to the highest professional standards and ethics, we will adhere, individually and collectively, to our commitments and the ethical conduct of our business and hold ourselves responsible for our actions that influence the lives of our clients and fellow professionals


Focus on Relationships:


We remain dedicated to providing conflict-free and client-focused advice to create value for our clients. What our clients have managed to accumulate in their life time need to be constantly respected and guarded. We therefore understand the magnitude of our responsibility and the implications of our investment decisions for our clients and our aim is to firstly preserve what they have created and secondly assist in the further creation of value.


That's why our focus is to advise and manage investment portfolios to reflect each client's unique needs and goals to foster close, long term relationships with our clients.