SPA Financial Services Ltd (“SPAFS”), an independent investment services boutique firm, has been established following the formation of a partnership between Scordis, Papapetrou & Co (“SP”) and an experienced team of qualified investment professionals.



SPAFS is a Cyprus regulated financial services company offering a wide range of investment services to local and international clients since 2011. Our services are offered to an international client base of institutional, corporate and high net worth individuals as well as pension funds and sovereign funds.




The successful transactions, the network of clients and the continuous referral work of the partners formed the strong foundations of the partnership have established SPAFS as an investment firm with an in-depth knowledge of the investment services industry and a wide network of contacts with major institutions, family offices and sovereign wealth funds that deploy capital, as well as with fund managers and asset allocators.



We capitalize on our independence from major financial institutions to offer unbiased, customized, timely and effective investment services to our clients.



Our clients are confident that SPAFS brings together a complementary set of qualifications and expertise which is necessary in global markets to safely navigate the investment world.