We provide our clients with the opportunity to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns and diversification always focusing on capital preservation.



We spend time and work closely with our clients to get an in-depth understanding of their specific investment needs and requirements in order to be able to offer the correct portfolio consulting and restructuring, considering:


  • Existing exposures
  • Diversification requirements
  • Risk appetite
  • Investment objectives (income vs. growth)
  • Time horizon
  • Liquidity requirements
Investment Advisory

Every aspect of a client's financial life is considered, enabling us to become essential partners to our clients and to provide customized financial strategies and advice, products and services. We offer investment advisory services to institutional investors, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, high net worth individuals and family offices.


These long standing investment relationships, going back to 1996, coupled with our in-depth understanding of their requirements, allow us to structure and offer creative solutions that benefit our clients while at the same time ensuring that they are sufficiently appealing to secure a successful outcome.


  1. We advise on a range of investment ideas, including, hedge funds, private equity funds, funds of funds, real estate funds, structured products and traditional equity and fixed income investments.
  2. We create tailor-made solutions catering to the clients’ individual needs rather than to promote off-the-shelf solutions that are not customized.
  3. We focus on absolute as opposed to relative returns and try to achieve positive returns under all market conditions.


Understanding the unique characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each financing structure, we advise our clients on the most efficient and suitable structure.


Products and services we have successfully offered to clients

Structured Products


  • Structured products can bring many of the benefits of derivatives to investors who otherwise would not have access to them. They are designed to facilitate highly customized risk-return objectives.
  • As a complement to more traditional investment vehicles, structured products have an effective diversifying role to play in modern portfolio management.
  • We generally use equities, commodities, indices, funds (hedge funds, ETFs, fund of funds) as the underlying base on which we design the structure overlay
  • Design and development of innovative investment structured products linked to a wide variety of underlying financial instruments and funds that suit our clients’ needs.
  • They include propositions in a single or a combination of the following structures such as:
    • Capital or soft capital guaranteed
    • Thematic (energy, water etc.)
    • Islamic
    • Reverse convertibles
    • Currencies
    • Hybrid
    • Delta one
    • Booster notes

Alternative Investments


  • For most investors navigating the approximate 10,000 existing hedge funds is overwhelming, complex and time consuming. SPAFS helps investors address this challenge.
  • Our alternative investments team performs continuous, extensive research on a range of global funds and strategies, always seeking to identify funds that will provide our clients with long-term growth and absolute returns irrespective of the general market conditions and the global economic environment
  • SPAFS has established and actively cultivates relationships with fund allocators, family offices, fund of funds, consultants, private banks, pension plans, endowments, foundations and high net worth individuals.
  • We assist and advice several single strategy and multi-strategy hedge funds and fund of funds to expand and diversify their Institutional client base and expand assets under management.

Dividend re-enhancement structures


  • Subject to legal and tax compliant issues

Equity Financing through option structures.

These structures enable the clients to:

  • Lock-in a minimum share price and obtain full downside protection below that level (i.e. put strike)
  • Maintain upside participation up to a pre-defined level (i.e. call strike)
  • Obtain non-recourse financing (equity lending), with no margin calls, no periodic interest payments and no forced liquidation
  • Design and development of innovative investment structured products linked to a wide variety of underlying financial instruments and funds that suit our clients’ needs.
  • Enter into a highly flexible and customizable strategy which can :
    • Minimise the cost of the structure
    • Maximise the upside participation
    • Maximise the Loan-to-Value (“LTV”)